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Who is Acupuncture for?

Someone who is looking for an alternative treatment method originating in ancient China that treats patients by manipulating thin, solid needles that have been inserted into Acupuncture points in different areas within the body. Stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of Qi (energy) through channels known as meridians.

How does Acupuncture work?

With our expert Gary Hussey

It is very difficult to digest how Acupuncture works without first understanding the concept of Qi, Qi is the electro-magnetic aspect of the human body, it is this aspect that the needles manipulate, any problem in the physical body will also manifest in the Qi, if the acupuncturist is able to resolve the problem in the Qi, then the physical body returns to normal automatically.

The flow of Qi disturbed by many factors, physical, mental and emotional: anxiety, stress, anger, fear or grief, poor nutrition, weather conditions, hereditary factors, infections, poisons and trauma. By inserting fine needles into the channels of energy, an acupuncturist can stimulate, reduce or re-establish the flow of qi and restore its natural balance. The principle aim of acupuncture is to maintain or restore health physically and emotionally. This is done by preventative or curative techniques respectively. For more information please contact Gary Hussey at The Wimborne Clinic.  

Gary Hussey


Gary Hussey started studying Chinese acupuncture in 1993 at the International College of Oriental Medicine and established his own private clinic in Bournemouth in 1998.

Gary has mastered two different styles of traditional acupuncture, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) which is the standard in classical five element acupuncture, and also Stems and Branches, which is a refined technique of classical five element style acupuncture.  Stems and Branches is the most ancient style of acupuncture still in existence, and because of its refined nature, Stems and Branches practitioners tend to use fewer needles and there is a longer time between treatments.

Pricing Information

  • Initial Consultation- £41

    40 Mins

  • Follow up - £41

    40 mins

Patient Testimonials

Success stories from a selection of our patients

Back pain, Vertigo and Arthritis: I refer to Gary as my “magician” – he successfully treated me for back pain, followed by treatment for vertigo. But, best of all, he has eliminated the pain associated with ARTHRITIS at the base of my thumb

- Julie

Multiple Ailments

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