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Hearing is one of your five primary senses. Having it tested should be part of your routine healthcare.


Having trouble with your Hearing? Need a test from a specialist or simply unblocking?

What to expect from Audiology

There is a quick 30 minute hearing check and advice which is ideal if you are unsure about your hearing level. During this appointment you will listen for sounds through headphones and press a button when you hear them, a chart of your hearing is plotted and will be explained to you. Advice about your hearing will also be provided.

Alternatively there is the full 60 minute hearing consultation with report and advice for those that require a thorough examination or to obtain a prescription for a hearing aid system. As well as the tests carried out in the quick hearing check, a range of other tests will also be performed including testing your ability to hear speech in noise. Advice about your hearing will be given as well as a written report forward to you by post following the consultation.

Should you require hearing aids, an additional appointment can be made to discuss all the options that are available to you, including NHS hearing aid provision where appropriate.  A written quotation can be supplied for any make or model of private hearing aid system.

If you are currently using hearing aids, you may visit The Wimborne Clinic for service and aftercare. A full 60 minute consultation is recommended initially to ensure you receive the correct advice.

Tim Cleave

Audiology Consultant

Tim Cleave is a Hearing and Balance Practitioner based in Dorset. He is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Hearing Aid Dispenser, he has an FdSc degree in Hearing Aid Audiology and has trained as a Balance Therapist at Hereford Hospital and as an Ear Care Practitioner with Southern Ear Care

Pricing Information


  • 30 Mins - £49.00

  • 60 mins - £79

  • 30 Mins - Ear Wax Removal £49

  • Tinnitus Assessment - 60mins - £79.00

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