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It's good to walk

How Chiropody Can Maintain Your Foot Health And Ensure You Keep An Active Life

If your walking has been affected by painful or uncomfortable feet, then getting a fast and accurate assessment of the problem us vital to get on the correct treatment plan. Chiropody deals with common issues including, corns, callus (hard skin), Diabetic (and at risk foot care), In-growing toenails, minor surgical procedures and nail care

Chiropody Treatment

With such a wealth of experience at The Wimborne Clinic we have learnt from our patients that it is really important to identify the cause to their problem and for them to have the problem explained in an understanding way.  We really want to know what you value in your life and how this problems is imposing on it, so we can decide with you the most appropriate approach.  

This brings us to the provision of a treatment plan, which in some cases is ongoing, to ensure that your feet never hinder your mobility or fulfilling what you enjoy.

Angela Churchill


Angela qualified as a podiatrist in 2002 with a BSc Degree in Podiatric Medicine. She lives and  has enjoyed working in Wimborne for many years, whilst building an excellent reputation for providing patients with the very best individualised footcare.

Angela is insured and a member of both the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), and Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (Mchs) Bournemouth and District

Angela keeps abreast with professional developments to guarantee that she is offering your best solution to your foot problem,  particularly with diabetic footcare where vascular and neurological assessments are carried out to keep peripheral neuropathy ( loss of sensation) in check.

Patients feedback to the clinic is always on how Angela puts them at ease and offers great customer care with such ease.  It is clear that she prides herself in her patient’s experience, which is reflected by her loyal customers who choose to return.

Pricing Information

  • 30mins - £30

  • 15mins - £17

Patient Testimonials

Success stories from a selection of our patients

Angie has looked after my feet and more importantly me for as far as I can remember. She always works with a smile and I enjoy the appointment, which is a surprise as it is about your feet being touched. Thanks for your years of great care.

- Linda

Chiropody Patient

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