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GP Consulations

GP Consultations and GUM Clinic

GUM Clinic/ GP Consultations

The Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM Clinic) provides a discreet, confidential and high quality service providing diagnosis and treatment for both sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other G-U problems

GP Consulations

and GUM Clinic

Common conditions such as chlamydia, herpes (type 1 & 2), genital warts, recurrent thrush, NSU, bacterial vaginosis, and genital skin disorders can all be dealt with. We are able to offer cryotherapy as a treatment option for genital warts.

Where particular tests are required Dr Stephens will inform you of the relevant costs and reporting times. Results and further discussion of test outcome will be arranged by Doctor Stephens either by telephone call or a follow-up appointment if required.

Dr John Stephens

GP Consultations

Since qualifying in 1986, Dr Stephens initially trained in General Medicine in Poole and Bournemouth, successfully obtaining the higher qualification of MRCP. He then pursued his career path in General Practice and Family Medicine, training in Paediatrics, Accident and Emergency, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

 He was appointed as a GP principle in 1995 and was subsequently appointed a Hospital Practitioner in GU Medicine at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital where he continues to work in the NHS GUM clinic.

Pricing Information


  • 30 Mins - £92.00

  • 15 mins - £46.00

Patient Testimonials

Success stories from a selection of our patients

John gave me the time that I have never had to discuss my own health problems, and it was so refreshing to know someone was listening. The diagnosis and advice was spot on, and with such a comfortable clinic to visit I wouldn't hesitate to return. Thanks again

- Mrs Ellis

GP Private Patient

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