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Our focus is you...

Our highly skilled multi-therapy team all have one common goal, to put you at the centre of our focus, by listening to your problem and giving you the time you need to explain it.

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Why The Wimborne Clinic?

No need to be referred by your GP

The Clinic is designed with comfort and confidentiality in mind. You do not have to be referred by your GP or have private health insurance. Call our friendly team to make an appointment.

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Clinic Opening Times

We are open 08.30 - 19.30, Monday to Friday

Our welcoming reception team are here to answer any questions by phone or in person, and they can also organise a call back from a practitioner if you are unsure if the service is right for you.

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Strains, sprains, or something more complex..

We specialise in helping people find natural ways to improve pain and get back to activities that they have previously enjoyed

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Expert treatment for your feet

If your walking has been affected by painful or uncomfortable feet, then getting a fast and accurate assessment of the problem is vital

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Sports Massage

Specialist Sports and Remedial Massage

Are you looking for some help to remove the tension from your muscles, that could be related to ongoing pain or headaches?

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Specialising in custom made orthotics

Work with a biomechanics specialist to ensure you avoid any foot pain or referred symptoms further up the body

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1-to-1 confidential counselling

Are you trying manage grief, a bereavement or another problem that is affecting your thoughts and feelings?

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An ancient Chinese approach to health issues

Acupuncture uses fine needles to improve the imbalance of different bodily systems with the goal of rectifying your problem.

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Optimising psychology well being

Are you looking for a natural method to make a lifestyle change, putting a stop to habit that is an unnecessary cost and preventing a fulfilling life?

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Specialist hearing tests as part of a holistic care plan.

Hearing is one of your five primary senses. Having your hearing tested should be part of your routine healthcare.

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Neurological Physiotherapy

Recovering from a stroke or other neurological condition

We specialise in visiting your home to create a rehabilitation and care plan that will get the most out of your recovery.

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GP / Specialist GUM Clinic

Specialist in genitourinary problems

A discreet, confidential and high quality service providing diagnosis and treatment for both sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other G-U problems. We are also able to offer screening for STDs and HIV testing/counselling.

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The Skin Clinic

Led by a Specialist Skin Consultant

Worried about a skin blemish? Or just need professional advice about a skin complaint.

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Reception Team

Our Friendly Reception Team

Our aim is put you at ease and welcome you to the clinic, and answer any queries you may have about what we do.

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